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Early Work - Graduate School & Prior

I graduated from Southern Illinois University's College of Mass Communication & Media Arts in 2017 with a Master of Fine Arts in interdisciplinary media arts. Prior to that, I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Radio, Television, & Digital Media with a specialization in radio/audio production.

Undergraduate work

Early in my time at Southern Illinois University, I joined the student radio station, and received a huge amount of experience in broadcast technologies. From there, I took my interest in music production and technology and started exploring electronic sound generation and manipulation. I got my start with things like the Korg Kaossillator and Monotribe.

Between 2012 and 2014 I created a handful of synth-pop, electronic, generally cheery tracks that formed the albums, Kalm Kaoss EP (2013), Kalm Kaoss II (2013), and Kalm Kaoss III (2014). Below is a selection of tracks from those projects.

Track Name
Track Name
Track Name

Part of myself wants to hide these works from my portfolio and let them sit on a hard drive somewhere. While I wish to use my portfolio as a lens into my current art and productions, I do also feel that it is important for me to remember where I have been and how I have grown as a media artist and, more recently, an media educator. These works were not part of the curriculum, they were this part of myself that looked to own and better my education. I hope to take aspects of these positive experiences and renew them in my current students.

graduate work

During my graduate studies at Southern Illinois University, I explored a variety of electronic and acoustic audio processes.


Meditations (2015)


Sanctum (2016)


Nulla (2016)

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