External Influences

Lapse is a final product of my time at Southern Illinois University that was created in parallel to the thesis production of The Human Reliquary. The original concept for the collection was to be paired with a single titled Cease. Though that performance’s recording ran into some drastic technical issues. Luckily, a portion of the recording was able to be recovered and transformed into track seven within this collection. Lapse as a whole was to be about some specific moments of extreme depression and how those were beginning to return in late December 2016. In addition to this, some of this work catalogs my experience with recent psychological treatments and prescriptions.

Lapse, conceptually or actually, is about just that - reLapse. To aesthetically achieve this overarching sense of repetition, it was important that I return some of the sound to the album Meditations. This way, the work is stylistically cyclical while also evolving and breaking away from Nulla and Sanctum enough to show the technical and artistic progressions I have concentrated on. Specifically, I was very much interested in recapturing the essence of Meditations “I” which is focused on a higher tonal range than the majority of my sound work as well as this consistent repetition, but abstracted pulse. Different from Meditations “I”, however, is how the higher tonal range is often paired with the bass and mid-range drone I have become comfortable within. This sort of duality within Lapse is becoming more and more important to the sonic palette of Felnyrii and how I think about the conceptual side of the work. Spreading the performance of each piece between a few distinct ranges allows me to imagine them as separate voices. The different voices are often struggling between harmony and dissonance. I believe this train of thought began with Sanctum’s overwhelming bass that suffocated anything that attempted to push through. Utilizing these voices, I had previously used the entire collection to address singular moments, though Lapse progresses beyond this to be an archive of a larger span of time.