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Sound DesigN for picture

For most of my academic career, I have designed sound and music cues and performed post audio recording and mixing services for short films and other moving image works. Synthesis and sound manipulation is a favorite of mine, though I do not often have time to freelance during the semester. When given the opportunity, I relish working in post production.

While at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL, I had the opportunity to work with Doron Alter on his MFA thesis, The Stories of Annabelle Lee (2016), and with Professor Wago Krieder on his work, White Sands (2015). Since leaving SIU, I have worked with groups like Historia Films in Hattiesburg, MS to perform post audio edit and mix. In working with Miles Doleac (Historia), I also have had the opportunity to record ADR for films like Santa Jaws (2018) on SyFy.

Additionally, I continue to work with filmmakers and media artist colleagues on their visual works. Most recently, Doron Alter's
Emptiness (2019) and a collaboration with Jennida Chase and Hassan Pitts [S/N] titled After Hunts Spiral (2020), which is in the Over the Structures 2020 exhibition at the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art in Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.


Emptiness (2019) - Doron Alter


Santa Jaws (2018) - SyFy

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