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Research Statement

While I have my personal creative practice in the form of media art installations and sound performances, my research avenue has largely shifted away from that. Through my work developing curriculum as a faculty member and department chair, I have discovered my research is focused on teaching and learning and their relationship to sound as a medium.


Over the last few years at a regional university, I have found myself prioritizing service learning, high-impact practices, curricular structures and how all of these things impact my students. I have only recently realized that that impact and those structures are my passion more than my own creative work. I am now pursuing Open Educational Resource development in the form of living documents and media content creation.


There are a couple areas that the Open Educational Resource research is focused on approaching first. Starting with digital audio basics, which includes recording, synthesizing, editing, and mixing within a digital audio workstation like Pro Tools, Ableton Live, VCV Rack, Adobe Audition, etc. Capturing and creating with recording and synthesis are where I am starting. Democratization of media tools and their different levels of accessibility is important to the work as well. The goal of these videos and documents is to refer to a wide variety of common tools, but be relevant to the learner’s current audio workflow.


A goal of this work is bridging-the-gap in modes of learning audio through resources and direct instruction. Through local and online community building, audio practice grows.

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