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Theater Sound Design

Since 2014, I have designed sound for theater performances as a graduate student and freelancer. The intersections of sound recording and reinforcement are extremely enjoyable. From creating custom sound effects and unencoded surround installations to reinforcing actor or practical sounds, there is always an opportunity for experimentation and creativity.

While at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL, I had the opportunity to work with faculty director Segun Ojewuyi on performances of
Clybourne Park (2014) and The Whipping Man (2015). In addition to these larger productions, I created sound for other graduates' various thesis performances. Notably, Box & Quotations from Chairman Mao (2015) with director Bobbi Masters and Beyond the Horizon (2015) with director Nich Radcliffe.

Since my time at SIU, I have had the opportunity to continue my work with Nich Radcliffe, and now the Valiant Theatre company in Chicago, IL. We are currently in the extremely early stages of design for a performance in Fall 2020.

Valiant Theatre


MacBeth (2016) - Nich Radcliffe


Beyond the Horizon (2015) - Nich Radcliffe

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