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Glitch Explorations

Early in my time with Southern Illinois University, I explored glitch processes with various methods. After the early works, Self Portrait 1-4, Self Portraits Captured, Identity Shift, and White 1-2, and besides a series of promotional pieces for the album Structure, I had halted in glitch explorations until late 2016. This is when I began using glitch media creation as a mobile meditative tool.

These recent works are rapidly created by hand and stored as 
Unfiltered Meditation. Sands utilized similar methods, though it took to focusing on a sense of texture and place. The 2018 series, Asynchronous Diptychs, follows the form of much of my glitch work, but with more of a conceptual tie to my main body of audio works. Asynchronous Diptychs look to explore a divided mind through broken symmetry. 

Most recently, I have created a couple pieces in a series titled,
Incomplete Spaces. These are primarily distortions of leisure places that are difficult to enjoy while encumbered by an 'always-on' labor mindset.

Sands 1 & 7 were displayed in the Not to Scale show at Resonator in Norman, OK. Reception on December 6, 2019.

Incomplete Spaces - 2019

Asynchronous diptychs - 2018

sands - 2017

Unfiltered Meditation - 2016

White 1&2 - 2015

Identity Shift - 2014

Self Portraits Captured - 2014

Self Portrait 1-4 - 2014

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